Ad Apex™

Get your ads off misinformation and extreme polarizing content

  • Stop your ad dollars from funding misinformation
  • Avoid political boycotts of your brand
  • Find high-ROI inventory on reputable news properties
  • Do something good for society with your ad spend
  • Integrate a solution into your ad tech stack
  • Over 1100 sources and growing: web, podcast, and tv

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Brands are realizing the risks of being associated with low-quality, highly polarized news content and misinformation. Media partners play a crucial role in ensuring brand ad placements run alongside news that is brand-safe and aligned to their values. Brands are also realizing the opportunity cost of not advertising on high quality news content. This new awareness among brands creates an opportunity for smart marketers, agencies, and technology platforms to help their advertisers increase both brand safety and ROI around news properties. Marketers have a crucial role to play in how both good journalism and junk news are funded. We help marketers us their ad dollars to improve the media ecosystem.

Ad Apex™

Accurate and Data-driven

  • Ad Apex™ is a dataset you can use to screen news & politics content for reliability and bias
  • API allows easy integration into other ad tech and brand safety platforms
  • Intuitive data visualization interface helps users understand reliability and bias data
  • Automatically updates news article and source ratings from Ad Fontes Media’s public and private data sets

Brand Customizable

  • Reliability and bias filters can be adjusted to desired brand-specific tolerance thresholds for all rated news sources.
  • Agencies can set different parameters for different clients


  • Align your brand purpose and get peace of mind about where your ads are running for a tiny fraction of your ad spend 
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