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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think of Media Bias Fact Check?

I think it’s a useful site for getting a general sense of partisan bias. The moderators evaluate at least five articles from each site as part of the rating. Additionally, they crowd-source votes on bias, which can skew the results depending on who the site happens to attract. At [...]

What about international sources?

The current version of the chart is a US-centric version, so it has mostly US based sources. To the extent there are some international sources, (i.e., BBC, Al Jazeera, The Economist, etc.), we rate those based on their US-facing coverage, rather than the entirety of their coverage. We do [...]

What about comedy and satire?

We currently do not rate comedy and satire sources because the sarcasm adds such different linguistic factors, and the shows are in such a different format that each of those considerations require some different dimensions, or at least different categories in the vertical taxonomy. Many current satire and comedy [...]

Isn’t it too simplistic?

Isn’t it too simplistic to rank political bias on a left-right spectrum? What about libertarianism? And what about Reason (a libertarian publication)? If you think about political dimensions beyond the left-right divide, you are a more astute political observer than most. We use the left-right dimensions because most Americans, [...]

How is Ad Fontes Media funded?

Ad Fontes Media funding comes primarily from sales of products and services. Ad Fontes Media is a Public Benefit Corporation in Colorado, which means it is a for-profit corporation with a stated public benefit mission. That mission is “to make news consumers smarter and news media better.” The startup company, which [...]