SUMMA News Literacy Curriculum Access Program

Ad Fontes Media is excited to introduce our Curriculum Access Program through which a portion of Ad Fontes membership dollars are used to fund access to our SUMMA News Literacy Curricula for individual educators who lack institutional funds to purchase it.

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If you’re an educator would would like to implement SUMMA News Literacy curriculum in your classroom, but you lack the institutional funding to do so, please fill out a quick application below.

This member-sponsored program provides access to a unit of our SUMMA News Literacy curriculum for instructors who want to use the curriculum, but who lack institutional funding to purchase it. Access is at the “classroom level” (up to 150 students and 1 instructor, plus 1 assistant or co-instructor as applicable) for 6 months. Repeat applications welcome and considered based on available seats.

We hope to make the SUMMA News Literacy curriculum available as widely as sustainably possible. We’re delighted to partner with you and our members in making this happen. Thank you for your interest, and for all you do!

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