There are a few spots on our site you can find info about our analysts and how we select them. Section two of this White Paper discusses our selection process.
We occasionally put out calls for new analysts pointing candidates to this Analyst Application link. It has information on the qualities we seek.
Our analyst team is generally split into 1/3 lean-left, 1/3 centrist, and 1/3 right, because our methodology requires each article to be rated by at least 3 people of different political positions. We don’t have formal requirements for particular education or experience levels, but generally, all of our analysts have completed at least some college, with the majority having advanced degrees. The most common fields of experience for our analysts are journalism, education, library/information science, and law. They submit resumes, CVs, or other statements of qualification to apply. We received nearly 150 applications in our last call for analysts.
We have some of our current and former analysts basic bios on our site at our Team Page. We don’t require our analysts to post their bios because they are all part-time volunteers, and most have other employment.