Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoomshift?2021-01-28T20:39:58-07:00

It is a scheduling platform and used for reporting time worked. It is NOT related to Zoom, Video Conferencing (they are separate services).

What Zoomlink do I use for my shifts?2021-01-28T20:39:31-07:00

All shifts start in this meeting room: https://zoom.us/j/4775856282

How do I record my time in Zoomshift?2021-01-28T20:38:38-07:00

Record a new timesheet for each shift, please see the above video for additional details.

Will Zoomshift record my time automatically?2021-01-28T20:38:10-07:00

Zoomshift will not submit a timesheet for you based on the schedule; so, each shift worked needs its own timesheet. Please see the video above for additional details.

How do I record time not associated with a shift?2021-01-28T20:37:40-07:00

If you’re working at a time that is not on the schedule – reading the assigned training materials, for example – is work not related to a shift.

Please include a note in relation to the type of work done for Ad Fontes so hours worked can be validated.

How come I wasn’t able to pick up that shift?2021-01-28T20:37:01-07:00

We have many analysts working for the team, and open shifts tend to be picked up very quickly.

What do I do if I need my shift covered (as an analyst)?2021-01-28T20:36:19-07:00

If you need someone to cover your shift, generally just put out a request in Zoomshift by opening the shift for coverage. In most cases, there will be an eligible person who is happy to take it for you.

If it’s the same day you’re scheduled to work please also send a note to the shift coordinator. The shift coordinator is best reached via Zoomshift, copy Ria (858-945-6040) and Jeff (319-329-2240) as well.

If you can’t get through to one of us, Vanessa is at 303-885-3952.

How does payroll work?2021-01-28T20:35:44-07:00

Please be aware that our payroll program, Gusto, pays the 15th and 30th of the month, NOT EVERY TWO WEEKS. The pay period cutoffs will be 12th and 27th of each month (except for February, which will be the 12th and 26th).

It takes 2 business days for payroll to hit your bank accounts, so 2 days after payroll is run, you will see a deposit in your bank account.

Please reach out via email to Julie Bachman at julie@adfontesmedia.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding payroll.

Can I rate articles in a batch prior to my shift?2021-01-28T20:35:06-07:00

Articles may be placed into batches ahead of shifts, but please don’t rate them ahead of time for the current projects unless the batch is asynchronous. Shifts are done live for the benefit of everyone and their individual ratings; it is the discussion that informs our final ratings.

How should I rate mixed video/text content? And how should I rate news/release-like content, or content that is coming heavily from the subject of the piece rather than entirely from the source publishing it?2021-01-28T20:34:32-07:00
  • When there is an interview of a company or organizational representative, accompanied by some text-based commentary from the publication, watch at least enough of the video to figure out what it covers in relation to the article.
  • Consider both the video and the article text in your overall rating (e.g., if the video adds more bias than the text has, you can rate the overall piece to have more bias)
  • If it is a company CEO/spokesperson interview almost solely about the company, rate it like we rate articles based on press releases.

For a rubric about how to rate press releases, please go to the analyst materials folder https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1t_7dluBeb7sm6Pqttiv8oZMSNma_hNZg?usp=sharing and find the “press release scoring guide.”

What do I do if I need my shift covered (as a coordinator/facilitator)?2021-01-28T20:33:59-07:00

In these cases, it’s preferable if you contact Ria and/Jeff instead of an open call for a cover. The reason is that not just anyone would be able to cover it very readily, as they may need to be both your political lean and set up for facilitation/coordination, though in a real pinch, we sometimes just need someone who can coordinate.

Please also use Zoomshift discussions to send a note to everyone who may be eligible. Just click the “public” option off, and use checkboxes by the people who may be able to help out. Please include Ria and me when you do it.

What is the role of the Coordinator?2021-01-28T20:33:28-07:00

This person leads a shift of analysts called pods, while simultaneously acting as an analyst and facilitator to their pod. The role includes:

  • Opens the Zoom room by logging in as host
  • Admit the analysts
  • If there’s more than one pod, work with the facilitator(s) to determine which analysts go to each pod
  • If there’s more than one pod, create and manage breakout rooms
  • Ideally, this person also knows how to upload articles to batches, but it’s a little less essential as batches are created in advance of shifts
  • Assist the facilitator(s) as needed
  • Plus everything the facilitator does in the other room. (See Coordinator description)
What is the role of the Facilitator?2021-01-28T20:33:01-07:00
  • In addition to being facilitator, they will be one of the analysts for your pod
  • Add analysts to the batch of articles you’re working on with your pod.
  • Guide the group in moving through articles and discussions
  • View scores and share with the group
  • Assist the coordinator as needed
What is an Analysis Project Lead?2021-01-28T20:31:41-07:00

This person is working on the back end of an analysis project usually corresponding with a client. They either receive or choose and pull URLs related to the project, using guidelines; determine the number needed for each source; upload articles to batches corresponding with that project; track which URLs have been assigned for rating, which has been rated, etc.

Is Ad Fontes looking to hire more analysts?2021-01-28T20:31:08-07:00

We anticipate growth and are always looking for new analysts, if you want to refer someone please send their resume to Ria and Jeff so we have those on file for when we do the next round of hiring.

What do I do if I cannot access an article because of a paywall?2021-01-28T20:30:36-07:00
  • Please refer to the Login & Passwords sites here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14YmBSm9stjSd4kvkLKb-dlXzPcoVm8EMMvlSdQSetvk/edit#gid=0
  • If there is no account try logging in with your email, some sites only require you to log in and you will receive access to several free articles
  • If you are using Chrome as your browser, you can open up an Incognito window which will bypass some paywalls
  • If you have exhausted all your options the Facilitator will pdf. the article and share with the pod in the Zoom chat
How do I open an Incognito browser?2021-01-28T20:30:10-07:00

Google Chrome – Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows), Command-Shift-N (macOS) or click on the 3 dots at the top right of your browser and select ‘New Incognito window’ from the drop-down menu

Microsoft Edge – Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows), Command-Shift-N (macOS), or click on the 3 dots at the top right of your browser and select ‘New InPrivate window’ from the drop-down menu

Mozilla Firefox – Ctrl-Shift-P (Windows), Command-Shift-P (macOS), or click on the 3 dots at the top right of your browser and select ‘New Private Window’ from the drop-down menu

Safari – Command-Shift-N (macOS), or select the File menu and select ‘New Private Window’ from the drop-down menu

Internet Explorer – Ctrl-Shift-P (Windows), or Select the gear icon at the top right of your browser, select safety, and then choose ‘InPrivate Browsing’ from the drop-down menu.

How do I pdf. an article to my pod (as a facilitator)?2021-01-28T20:29:40-07:00

Go to ‘Print’ and when the dialogue box pops up select from the Printer drop-down menu to ‘Save As’ a pdf. Once this is completed you may send the file through the Zoom chat to the others in your pod.

Who are your analysts? How are they selected?2021-01-30T22:16:52-07:00
There are a few spots on our site you can find info about our analysts and how we select them. Section two of this White Paper discusses our selection process.
We occasionally put out calls for new analysts pointing candidates to this Analyst Application link. It has information on the qualities we seek.
Our analyst team is generally split into 1/3 lean-left, 1/3 centrist, and 1/3 right, because our methodology requires each article to be rated by at least 3 people of different political positions. We don’t have formal requirements for particular education or experience levels, but generally, all of our analysts have completed at least some college, with the majority having advanced degrees. The most common fields of experience for our analysts are journalism, education, library/information science, and law. They submit resumes, CVs, or other statements of qualification to apply. We received nearly 150 applications in our last call for analysts.
We have some of our current and former analysts basic bios on our site at our Team Page. We don’t require our analysts to post their bios because they are all part-time volunteers, and most have other employment.