How does payroll work?

Please be aware that our payroll program, Gusto, pays the 15th and 30th of the month, NOT EVERY TWO WEEKS. The pay period cutoffs will be 12th and 27th of each month (except for February, which will be the 12th […]

How does payroll work?2021-01-28T20:35:44-07:00

How do I record time not associated with a shift?

If you’re working at a time that is not on the schedule – reading the assigned training materials, for example – is work not related to a shift.

Please include a note in relation to the type of work done for […]

How do I record time not associated with a shift?2021-01-28T20:37:40-07:00

What is Zoomshift?

It is a scheduling platform and used for reporting time worked. It is NOT related to Zoom, Video Conferencing (they are separate services).


What is Zoomshift?2021-01-28T20:39:58-07:00