Ad Fontes Media funding comes primarily from sales of products and services.

Ad Fontes Media is a Public Benefit Corporation in Colorado, which means it is a for-profit corporation with a stated public benefit mission. That mission is “to make news consumers smarter and news media better.”

The startup company, which was founded in February of 2018, was initially self-funded by its Founder and CEO, Vanessa Otero, who is a patent attorney in Westminster, CO. The company’s initial products included digital licenses and poster prints of the Media Bias Chart®. Ad Fontes Media can and does accept individual donations through its, but they are not tax deductible.

From September to November 2018, the company ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and raised approximately $32,000 from 508 individual backers. This funding was used to hire a team of part-time analysts to conduct our first Multi-Analyst Ratings Project, build our database, and build out our Interactive Media Bias Chart.

Since August 2019, Ad Fontes Media has expanded its products and services to include the following:

Ad Fontes Media does not sell ads on its website. Ad Fontes Media currently has no organizational donors or outside investors; however, Ad Fontes Media may seek such funding to grow in the future and will disclose any such funding sources on this site.

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