Interactive Media Bias Chart PRO for Libraries

The Ad Fontes IMBC Library Pro is a robust Digital Acquisition to enhance the Media Literacy knowledge of your patrons

  • Unlimited Chart Access for Librarians, Faculty, and Students
  • Media literacy lessons included!
  • All our rated sources across Web, Podcast, TV
  • Download Custom Chart Images and CSV Data Lists
  • IP-based authentication for library-wide access

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The Interactive Media Bias Chart Library Pro is an advanced news source curation resource for educational institutions and libraries. It contains dynamic reliability and bias data on over 1700 news and “news-like” sources (and growing). Ratings are established by professional media analysts, with diverse political perspectives, using our proven methodology – a methodology that can also be taught using our media literacy training materials, which are included with your subscription

IMBC Library Pro provides unlimited sorting and searching access to our full set of ratings data on news and “news-like” websites, podcasts, and TV shows.

This will be my second full school year teaching Media/News Literacy in a secondary setting.  I want to express how much I have learned from teaching this skill set to my students.  I have taught it to five different classes now, and each seemed to have enjoyed it while learning to move beyond a novice news consumer. Lastly, thank you so much for helping me to become a more knowledgeable and discerning news consumer.  Many thanks.

Donna, Secondary English Language Arts Teacher

“I have never taken a class before where you get to learn about different sources and how reliable they are. I loved learning about detecting bias and learning how to rate sources.”

High school student

“I learned how to read laterally and that I should take a lot of different things into account before determining if something is accurate or not like their political stance and bias.”

High school student

IMBC Library Pro is specially priced and licensed exclusively for educational use by libraries, public or non-profit accredited K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. See our full terms of use at IMBC Educator Pro Terms and Conditions

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