Professor Stearns is a Venable, Baetjer & Howard Professor of Law at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law

Professor Stearns is an interdisciplinary scholar who applies the methodologies of economics, broadly defined, to study private and public law, along with institutional decision-making processes. His work combines such tools as neoclassical economics, interest group theory, social choice, and game theory, among others, as these apply to legal doctrines and lawmaking systems. Much of his work centers on structural aspects of constitutional decision making in the Supreme Court, along with such specific doctrines as standing, the commerce clause, and equal protection.

His recently published book, Law and Economics: Private and Public (West Academic 2018) (with Todd Zywicki and Tom Miceli), comprehensively applies a broad range of economic methodologies to subject matters across the law school curriculum. The book includes first year courses and many upper level subjects, and it embraces both private and public law doctrines. The book is a successor to Public Choice Concepts and Applications in Law (West 2009) (with Todd Zywicki), which applied public choice methodologies to the study of public law. Professor Stearns is also author of Constitutional Process: A Social Choice Analysis of Supreme Court Decision Making (University of Michigan Press, paperback edition 2002), which provides a systematic analysis of how collective decision-making processes shape doctrines, case outcomes, and decisional rules in the Supreme Court.

On Blindspot, available at, Professor Stearns blogs on Law, Politics and Culture.