Newsy Bias and Reliability Overview

Newsy is a news company focused on video news and analysis, with the motto, “Delivering news with the why.” It was founded in 2008 in Colombia, Missouri, with the goal of providing video journalism for news consumers on mobile devices and online. It also produces a 24-hour live news channel. Newsy was purchased by E.W. Scripps Company in 2014. Ad Fontes Media rates Newsy in the middle category of bias and as most reliable in terms of reliability.

Overall Score

A team of analysts at Ad Fontes Media regularly reviews articles and news programs to rate them in terms of bias and reliability. A weighted average of these ratings results in the overall score for the media source.

The bias rating, demonstrated on the Media Bias Chart®️ on the horizontal axis, ranges from most extreme left to neutral to most extreme right. The reliability rating, demonstrated on the chart’s vertical axis, rates sources on a scale from original fact reporting to analysis, opinion, propaganda and inaccurate/fabricated information.

The following are Newsy’s overall bias and reliability scores according to our Ad Fontes Media ratings methodology.

Reliability: 47.54

Bias: -3.19

Reliability scores for articles and shows are on a scale of 0-64. Scores above 24 are generally acceptable; scores above 32 are generally good.

Bias scores for articles and shows are on a scale of -42 to + 42, with higher negative scores being more left, higher positive scores being more right, and scores closer to zero being the most neutral and/or balanced.

Individual Article Scores

The following articles were reviewed by Ad Fontes Media analysts on the basis of reliability and bias. Each article was reviewed by at least three analysts: one conservative, one liberal and one moderate.

The team considers a variety of factors when rating a news article. To determine its reliability score, we consider the article’s veracity, expression, and its headline and graphics. We add each of these scores to the chart on a sliding scale, with the average of those creating the article’s overall reliability score.

To determine an article’s bias score, we consider its language, its political position and how it compares to other stories from other sources on the same topic. We add each of these scores to the chart on a sliding scale, with the average of those creating the article’s overall bias score.

Article URLBiasReliability
Ohio Officer Suspended After Fatally Shooting Unarmed Black Man047
Laura Weakens As It Moves Inland0.3347.33
Biotech Company Working On Coronavirus Antibody Detection Patch, Beads-0.6744.67
Kenosha, Wisconsin, Saw Third Night Of Protests After Police Shooting-646.67
Falwell Officially Resigns From University Over Personal Scandals-4.6742
No Evidence Of Foreign Tampering Of Mail-In Voting, Officials Say-351
TikTok's CEO Has Resigned-146.5
Vice President Pence Speaks At Republican National Convention-0.544.75
Minneapolis Mayor Declares State Of Emergency Amid Unrest0.3351.33
Texas Prepares For Hurricane Laura To Make Landfall1.3351
COVID-19 Moves College Campaigning Online-4.6748.33
FDA Chief Admits To Overstating Plasma Treatment Benefits-544.33
Wisconsin Department Of Justice Says Kenosha Officer Fired 7 Shots-1.7551
Christchurch Mosque Shooter Sentenced To Life Without Parole-0.2551.5
Patients Suffering 'COVID Brain' Experience Forgetfulness, Strokes049.67
Navy Ship Fire Now Believed To Be Arson050
Iran Agrees To Allow Access To Suspected Nuclear Sites048.33
University Of Alabama Coronavirus Outbreak-1.6748.33
CDC Now Says People Without COVID-19 Symptoms Don't Need Testing-0.3352.67
Pompeo Seeks Russian Poisoning Probe 'If Reports Prove Accurate'-1.652.8
Critics Call RNC Citizenship Ceremony 'Hypocrisy On A Galactic Scale'-11.3348.33
College Campuses In 24 States Report COVID-19 Outbreaks-444.33
Hong Kong Police Arrest 16, Including 2 Pro-Democracy Lawmakers-243
Should Athletes Get Preferential Turnaround Times For COVID-19 Tests?-136
Report Says Social Security, Medicare Funds Are Quickly Dwindling046.67