Ad Apex is an automatic news bias and reliability filtering application.

Ad Apex Podcast, TV, and Website Edition includes:

  • Full access to Ad Fontes Media’s podcast, TV, and website data in filterable and downloadable CSV files. Data includes news source and article/show reliability and bias overall scores.
  • License for commercial use – including brand safety, business intelligence, media planning, and competitive intelligence.
  • Five (5) seats within a single organization. Each seat comprises a unique username and login, and each user can access Ad Apex via the Ad Fontes Media website.
  • Access to all podcast, TV, and website data as it is updated. New data is generally released several times each month.

See current list of rated podcasts (expands regularly)

See current list of rated web sources (expands regularly)

Full terms and conditions here: Ad Apex Terms and Conditions

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