Media Literacy Lessons and Static Charts


Lessons and materials to learn and teach the same methodology we use to build the Media Bias Chart! Details below.


  • 3 Starter” video lessons introducing our content analysis methodology
    • Appropriate for grade 8 and up
    • Each lesson roughly 6 minutes long and presented by Media Literacy Specialist, Sara Webb, M.Ed.
  • 3 Advanced video lessons progressing through each core stage in our content analysis process
    • Appropriate for higher education, professional development, and advanced secondary school
    • Each lesson roughly 60 minutes long and presented by Ad Fontes Media’s CEO, Vanessa Otero
  • 12 Downloadable PDF lessons and flowcharts
    • Each lesson isolates a step in the content analysis process we use to create the Media Bias Chart
    • Flowcharts summarize the process to facilitate practice analysis and build analytical habits
  • Blank edition of the Media Bias Chart for analysis practice
  • If you like, use in conjunction with our curated Topic of the Week content for quick activities and discussion starters
  • All static Media Bias Charts, including archives and any new releases throughout the year
    • Downloadable PDF and JPG for each, licensed for educational use
  • Year of access to all of the above

To add access to enhanced interactive charts, see:

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