Report an article

or request an article to be rated by Ad Fontes Media

You can help us by reporting problematic articles and/or requesting ratings of articles you come across online. Use this form to report or make a request for any article, and see below for more information on how we use submissions.

Our news source ratings are based on samples of articles from each source. One way we seek to improve our methodology is to rate a broader sample from each news source.

A broad sample should include two kinds of articles from a source: 1) the everyday, typical ones that are representative of the news source and 2) the ones that cause a splash because they are especially problematic in terms of reliability and/or bias.

We regularly gather everyday, typical articles from each news source to rate, but we need your help to capture the ones that get the most attention, scrutiny, and criticism online. These types of stories often become news themselves, especially if they deviate greatly from the typical kinds of stories the news source produce. Examples of stories we’d like you to report include:

  1. Articles with significant errors/mistakes from reputable or disreputable outlets, even if retracted
  2. Articles with highly misleading headlines from reputable or disreputable outlets
  3. Articles that are highly unfair or egregious for any reason from a typically reputable outlet
  4. Highly biased articles from typically minimally-biased outlets
  5. Right-leaning articles from typically left-leaning outlets
  6. Left-leaning articles from typically right-leaning outlets
  7. Any articles with blatant misinformation, disinformation, or “fake news”

These kinds of stories are important for us to include in our sample because they often become widely circulated and have a disproportionate but justifiable impact on the public’s perception of the reliability or bias of an overall source. For example, people often email us or tweet at us saying things like “I guess you are going to have to change the rating of X news source now, because look at this article!”

The idea that a handful of egregious articles should heavily affect the reputation of a source (at least for a period of time) is valid, so tracking such articles will help us capture that dynamic in our methodology.

Note that we cannot guarantee that we will rate all articles that are reported or requested through this form, but we will rate as many as we can given our resources.

Thanks for your help!