Researcher Services

Academic and other researchers play a vital role in fixing our news ecosystem. Ad Fontes Media provides the most comprehensive ratings data on news content and sources available, enabling researchers to have a baseline against which so many research questions can be studied.

For researchers who want to study how parts of the news landscape affect anything, we provide the data on what the news landscape IS. For example, one could study how consumption of misinformation affects health outcomes or social relationships, or how news coverage affects elected officials’ policy positions. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Content Ratings

Our team of analysts can rate almost any piece of news, news-like, or informational content in written, visual, and/or audio format within our content analysis methodology framework.

Ad Fontes Media performs custom content rating services projects as one-time or ongoing engagements for any aspect of the media landscape on which researchers need insight.

Content ratings for particular “sources” (i.e., particular TV shows/networks, online properties, print publications, podcasts, or radio shows) are performed by selecting a sample of individual articles, episodes, or shows over a defined period of time. A politically balanced and demographically diverse team of analysts scores each article, episode, or show according to a number of existing sub-factors for reliability and political bias.

Nearly all informational content fits within the framework of the Media Bias Chart ratings system, but for non-political or non-news content, Ad Fontes Media can provide content scoring on additional factors as desired for particular insights.

Our analysis framework includes “overall” scoring for reliability and bias plus sub-factor scoring on the following factors:


  • Expression
  • Veracity
  • Headline/graphic/lede/chyron


  • Language (political)
  • Political position
  • Comparison (included topic selection and omission)

Additionally, our team has experience and a framework for ratings shows having guests in interview formats.

Ratings Data via API

Ratings data from can be integrated into other applications via our database REST API. Both source-level and article-level ratings can be accessed as needed, whether just one-time or on an ongoing basis.

Data also available in CSV format.

Certain usage restrictions apply. In particular, our data may not be used to train AI/ML models for measuring media bias and reliability.

For pricing and other information on any of our researcher services, please submit the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon.

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