SUMMA News Literacy

Companion News Content Analysis Course for the “CART” Content Analysis Rating Tool

It’s helpful to show students where publications place on the Media Bias Chart.

But it’s empowering to teach them how to analyze the news for themselves.

In today’s news environment, students are bombarded by every possible type of news content, as well as unreliable “news-like” content. To be responsible news consumers, they need to be prepared to judge the reliability and bias quickly for each piece of news content they encounter. We are delighted to support your work to make that happen, and we thank you for partnering with us in the work to make news consumers smarter and news media better!

Getting Started

Log in to “CART” – Our Content Analysis Rating Tool
See Scores for “CARTicles” – Varied Perspectives on a Weekly Hot Topic

Want some help getting started?

Book a session with Sara!

Sara is a high school librarian from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She holds an M. Ed. in School Library and Information Technology, and has been a media literacy educator for over a decade. Sara started with Ad Fontes Media in July 2020 as a Media Analyst, and she currently continues in that role while also providing onboarding and advising to clients as in-house Media Literacy Specialist.

Sara is available to help you get started with using SUMMA News Literacy, to discuss methods and lesson ideas, and she can also orient you to using CART – our online Content Analysis Rating Tool.

Sara Webb talks about Media Literacy

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A Deeper Dive

“Teaching News Literacy” Webinar Series 2020

Student Materials

Methodology Lessons: Short Video Format

Simplified Rating Methodology

Introduction for Learners

Lesson 1: How to Rate Expression (Reliability)

Lesson 2: How to Rate Veracity (Reliability)

Lesson 3: How to Rate Headline/Graphic (Reliability)

Lesson 4: How to Rate Other/Overall (Reliability)

Lesson 5: How to Rate Language (Bias)

Lesson 6: How to Rate Political Position (Bias)

Lesson 7: How to Rate Comparison (Bias)

Lesson 8: How to Rate Other/Overall (Bias)

The Media Bias Chart


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