Ad Fontes Media Expands Board of Advisors and Team to Accelerate its Mission to Make News Consumers Smarter and News Media Better



Elizabeth Tumulty

Ad Fontes Media, the media bias intelligence leader and creator of the Media Bias Chart, today announced that it has expanded its Board of Advisors as well as its team. Appointees include Elizabeth Tumulty, Alec Saunders, Don Hussen and Crista Bailey.

Elizabeth Tumulty, a long-time media veteran, most recently served as President of CBS Television Network. Saunders was a Principal Project Manager and former startup accelerator director at Microsoft. Both Tumutly and Saunders join Ad Fontes Media’s already heavyweight board of advisors.

Crista Bailey and Don Hussen have joined Ad Fontes Media in hands-on operating roles. Bailey, who as CEO of TextureMedia and Hideaway Report led both companies through revenue diversification and growth, and eventual acquisition, has joined Ad Fontes Media as Chief Revenue Officer. Hussen, who played a seminal role at Datalogix (acquired by Oracle) and now spends his time helping startups develop a solid data foundation, is leading Ad Fontes Media’s technology development efforts. Hussen brings deep expertise in data science and building machine learning models, as well as a passion for addressing media bias and misinformation to the role.

Ad Fontes Media has grown significantly over the past year as more social media giants, media buyers, sellers and intermediaries and educators integrate media bias intelligence into their operations and curriculums. The latest board of advisor appointments were made in support of Ad Fontes Media’s mission to make news consumers smarter and news media better. They will help accelerate the public benefit company’s growth needs.

“I am honored and excited Elizabeth, Crista, Alec and Don have joined us and will now be helping to spearhead our go-to-market strategy and plan,” said Ad Fontes Media founder and CEO Vanessa Otero. “There has never been a more critical time in our culture for the type of unbiased media intelligence we all need to make informed media choices. Additionally, there is currently a massive void of this intelligence across our current advertising supported media landscape and educational systems. Knowledge is power and we are determined to ameliorate this critical challenge to society.”

“I subscribed to Ad Fontes Media as a passionate and curious consumer of news and information seeking facts and found their suite of resources extremely useful. Today I’m proud to join Ad Fontes Media’s Board of Advisors,” said Tumulty, “The media environment is constantly evolving and ‘news’ has become even more profitable. Yet many viewers, readers and advertisers don’t realize their favorite ‘news’ source has changed. Gone are the days we can assume that all ‘news’ is factual. Ad Fontes Media’s proprietary technology provides us with the tools to better understand and select unbiased, fact checked outlets as well as choose new sources better aligned with our personal opinions and beliefs.”

Tumulty, Saunders, Bailey and Hussen join an already strong, diverse and influential Board of advisors, which includes: Brad Berens, Wally Dean, Keven Ellison, Dan Granger, Tom Hunersen, Fran Maier, Lana McGilvray, Daina Middleton, Karl Rinderknecht, Professor Maxwell Stearns and Lloyd Watts.

Over the next 24 months, the advisory board and Ad Fontes’ growing team are charged with driving awareness of its offerings, continuously evolving its solutions to meet market demand and growing B2B adoption by over 300%.

“It’s a pivotal time in our lifecycle,” said Otero. “And, our new advisors and team members are just the right individuals to help us drive our top goals.

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