Publisher Services

Article Quality Measurement
for Publishers

Our human + AI article ratings are now available for publishers, advertisers and media stakeholders. This AI technology enables us to more swiftly and accurately rate media content in a landscape where information is generated at an unprecedented speed and scale. 

Publishers can use our article ratings to showcase the quality of their own content to advertisers and audiences and create custom segments of their best-scoring content.

To learn more about our human/AI Article Quality Measurement product, contact our sales team.

Ad Fontes Licensed Certification for Reliable Publishers

News organizations rated at the top of the media landscape for reliable information are eligible to use their rating for commercial purposes with an Ad Fontes Certified™ License.

To qualify, publications must have an existing score of 40 or higher (out of 64) on the reliability axis of our Media Bias Chart (for scores between 36 and 40, see our Reliable Analysis Certification). 

An Ad Fontes Certified License™ badge shows audiences and advertisers that the gold standard third-party rating organization, Ad Fontes Media, has independently verified that your organization consistently produces reliabile news and information.

Ad Fontes Certified High Reliability badge