Ad Fontes Certification™

Ad Fontes Certification badge for High Reliability

We offer Ad Fontes Certification™ for news organizations that reach the top of the media landscape for reliable journalism. Qualifying news organizations have a score of 40 or higher (out of 64) on the reliability axis of our chart (for scores between 36 and 40, see our Reliable Analysis Certification).

The Ad Fontes Certification™ includes:

  • Licensed use of the Ad Fontes Certified™ badge for 12 months on publisher’s website, print publications, and marketing materials.
  • Large-sample content ratings audit with internal reporting for your organization
  • Four appearances on our monthly static charts within the 12 months after certification.
Frequently Asked Questions

An Ad Fontes Certified™ badge shows audiences and advertisers that the gold standard third-party organization, Ad Fontes Media, has independently verified that your organization adheres to the highest standards of credibility, reliability, and transparency. Read more about our methodology.

Pricing is based on publisher size.

All stakeholders in Ad Fontes Media have a right to expect that we maintain the highest standards of fairness and objectivity in rating publishers, especially since we provide these certifications and audits as a paid service to publishers. To understand how we maintain these standards and mitigate potential conflicts of interest, please see our Stakeholders Statement.

We also offer individual content audits without a certification badge. Click here for more information.