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What We Do – We Rate The News ®

Every day, our team of analysts is busy rating news articles and episodes for both bias and reliability.

Each article or show is rated by at least three analysts–one left-, one center-, and one right-leaning, politically. All of our Media Analysts complete a training period that includes a thorough introduction to our methodology, as well as practice rating articles and other news content. We purposefully assign each analyst a breadth of coverage over as many sources as possible to enhance each analyst’s familiarity with sources across the spectrum.

Analysts generally score articles similarly following our analysis training, regardless of their political lean; however, when significant differences occur, the group engages in a conversation during which analysts present their rationale for their respective scores.

We do not rate the merits of political positions. Rather, we place the content where it descriptively belongs relative to the current range of political thought within the United States. When scoring for reliability, our method focuses on classifying content along a continuum including fact, analysis, opinion, incomplete story, propaganda, and fabricated information.

All of the above minimizes the impact of analyst bias on reliability and source bias scoring. It results in a rating of sources that many individuals, instructors, and other stakeholders find helpful in navigating today’s news ecosystem.

Most of our analysts are currently part-time independent contractors, and fully remote. This is a paid position at $20/hr., and analysts will be required to work a minimum of 9 hours per week.

Minimum Qualifications
  • Has a passionate interest in news media, contemporary US politics, and the work and mission of Ad Fontes Media
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Demonstrates excellent reading comprehension skills
  • Demonstrates excellent analytical skills
  • Demonstrates ability to engage in sometimes difficult conversations, including on sensitive issues
  • Demonstrates ability to see issues from multiple perspectives while also respectfully expressing a dissenting perspective when applicable
  • Lives in the United States, and is politically/civically engaged
  • Has a personal computer and reliable internet, and is able to troubleshoot basic technical issues
  • Is familiar with a range of news sources
  • Is familiar with party platforms and government systems in the US
  • Is willing to divulge political leanings internally as required by our approach to analysis
Strong Qualifications
  • Has achieved an advanced degree, or a highly relevant undergraduate degree, in Media, Journalism, Political Science, Linguistics, History, Sociology, Philosophy, or other fields requiring strong skills in analyzing information content.
Special Qualifications
  • Fluent in Spanish (for specific positions)

Applicants will be required to complete a self-classification survey on personally held political perspectives, along with an availability survey and skills self-assessment. All such information will be used only for the application process and for placement in a politically diverse analysis team and will be kept otherwise confidential except when analysts wish to divulge political leanings publicly.

Please complete both forms to be considered for employment. Resumes and Cover Letters need to be submitted to in Word or PDF format. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note, this round of applications is currently under review. We are not accepting any new applications during this time. If we need additional analysts, we will open the applications again.