Ad Fontes Media Data Platform

for Businesses

Does your organization need accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date data on news source reliability and bias? There are numerous use cases for Ad Fontes Media’s ratings for businesses that intersect news and politics. Some examples of stakeholders that can use our data include:

  • Ad tech platforms
  • Data aggregators
  • Third-party verification services
  • SSPs/DSPs
  • News aggregators/apps
  • Social media platforms
  • Researchers
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Our Customers and Partners

Accurate and Non-Partisan News Source Ratings

  • Ad Fontes Data Patform is an automatic news reliability and bias screening tool that can be easily integrated into other systems 
  • Intuitive interface based on Ad Fontes’ Interactive Media Bias Chart application
  • Automatically updates news article and source ratings from Ad Fontes Media’s public and private data sets


  • Reliability and bias filters can be adjusted to separate sources by score thresholds

Data Available in Multiple Formats

  • Download complete, up-to-date CSV files
  • Integration through API available
  • JSON and HTML formats available
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