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Know the reliability and bias of the news

Ad Fontes Media helps businesses, consumers, educators, and platforms navigate today’s complex and dynamic news landscape. We provide data, tools, and educational resources for all stakeholders in quality news media
Ad Fontes is Latin for “to the source,” because we rate news by analyzing the source and its actual content. We use a rigorous, reproducible methodology, and a politically balanced team of analysts, to rate that content, both for bias and for reliability.
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Ad Fontes Media is a public benefit corporation with a mission to make news consumers smarter and news media better. Currently, we face a crisis of too much junk news.
Junk news is like junk food, and just like junk food has caused massive health epidemics in our country, junk news is causing a massive polarization epidemic.
We are optimistic that together, we can rise to this challenge. It is imperative that we do. And a problem this big requires a multi-pronged solution and participation from all the stakeholders in good journalism.

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We provide products and services for the following stakeholders

News Consumers

To help them navigate the current complex media landscape and make healthy news choices.

At Ad Fontes, we use a rigorous, non-partisan methodology to analyze and rate news for overall reliability and bias. From this foundation, we build the Media Bias Chart, offer courses in our methodology, and create companion resources to help you navigate today’s complex media landscape.

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Ad Fontes Media for Researchers

Educators, Researchers, and Institutions

To help identify sources that warrant confidence and stand up to critical review.

Students, researchers, and educators often rely on news media for their work. Given the massive and fluctuating supply of news and news-like input, it is often difficult to discern which sources are most dependable. We provide data solutions to help guide research.

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To help teach critical thinking and news literacy and strengthen our democracy.

It is often very helpful to get guidance in research. But it is empowering to learn to discern reliability and bias oneself. Our SUMMA News Literacy course is a ready-to-use educational solution that helps students learn the same methodology we use at Ad Fontes Media, and to apply it to coverage of current events.

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Brands, Marketers, and Platforms

To help keep their brands safe by supporting good journalism and avoiding junk news.

Brand managers are increasingly concerned about the role advertisers have played in the rise of polarizing news and the struggles of quality journalism outlets. Polarizing content often turns extreme and offensive, causing consumer boycotts and negative brand perception. Today, 43% of media buyers say they avoid news content entirely,* which hurts quality news publishers who keep the public informed. Through our Ad Apex™ line of products and services, Ad Fontes Media assists brands that want to support good journalism and avoid junk news.

*Source: Digiday

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Ad Fontes Media


To help assess content and improve trust with consumers.

Today consumer confidence in news media is at historically low levels. Simultaneously, more news and news-like sources are emerging – often overtly questioning the reliability of quality sources, and exacerbating the crisis of confidence. The best sources welcome honest and rigorous critical feedback, including independent audits of their content by politically diverse, credentialed news analysts. We welcome opportunities to provide these services, and we offer certification for the very best publishers, whether left-leaning, right-leaning, or centrist.

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Subscribers get premium access to the Interactive Media Bias Chart
Shop our products like mugs and shirts and posters
Subscribers get premium access to the Interactive Media Bias Chart