Research conducted by Ad Fontes Media.

Ad Fontes Media performed a study with CivicScience that paints a picture of the people who consume High Quality News (that is, news that is highly reliable and minimally biased). High Quality News consumers are generally healthier, wealthier, and happier than their counterparts who consume Low Quality News. Advertising within High Quality News, the study argues, is both brand safe and brand smart.

Written with our partners at Comscore, this study provides an overview of research demonstrating that advertising in reputable and reliable journalism is brand safe and also benefits brands with an advanced conversion lift. The study also announces Halo Initiative, Comscore’s commitment to supporting responsible media.

This white paper by Ad Fontes Media CEO Vanessa Otero digs into detail around the research demonstrating that brands already benefit from advertising within High Quality News and can benefit more from deeper engagements. This paper also describes Ad Fontes Media’s work with the Alliance for Audited Media.