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Brett Favre Welfare Scandal

Topic of the Week – Advanced Bias Reliability
Article 1: FortuneThe Brett Favre welfare scandal proves why local journalism still matters -7.00 40.00
Article 2: Sports IllustratedBrett Favre: Texts Show Welfare Funds Were Requested for Football Facility, per Court Filing 1.67 41.33
Article 3: The Black Wall Street TimesBrett Favre shows paused as Twitter compares coverage to Ime Udoka, others -8.00 40.67
Article 4: The New York Times -4.67 47.00
Article 5: Daily BeastThe Brett Favre Welfare Case Is About to Take a Nastier Turn -9.00 36.67
Article 6: Get Up Mornings (website)Is Ime Udoka Really Getting More Coverage Than Brett Favre ‘Stealing’ Welfare Money From Mississippi? -6.00 35.33

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Bussing Migrants to Martha's Vineyard

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Queen Elizabeth II

Topic of the Week – Advanced Bias Reliability
Article 1: The GuardianCondolences and condemnation: Indigenous people and people of colour react to the death of Queen Elizabeth II -3.00 43.33
Article 2: ReasonIf Monarchy Is a Must, Keep It Neutral 3.67 33.00
Article 3: The RootLike Black Twitter, Irish Twitter Has a Lot to Say About Queen Elizabeth's Passing -10.67 27.67
Article 4: British Broadcasting CorporationQueen Elizabeth II: World leaders remember a 'kind-hearted Queen' 0.00 44.67
Article 5: Crooks and LiarsQueen Elizabeth Is Dead, And Right-Wing Crazies Are Having A Fit -20.33 20.00
Article 6: Time MagazineCountries May Cut Ties With Monarchy After Queen's Death -1.00 45.33

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Biden's MAGA Republicans Speech

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Dark Brandon

Topic of the Week – Advanced Bias Reliability
Article 1: WonketteBiden Pentagon So Woke It Doesn't Even Want To Murder Civilians Anymore! -26.67 17.33
Article 2: NBCLX (website)Why Is Everyone Talking About ‘Dark Brandon?' -7.67 34.33
Article 3: indy100Biden fans joke this is a sign Dark Brandon fanboys are turning into cult -10.67 26.67
Article 4: CNETDark Brandon: Joe Biden Meme Gets Even More Hype After Student Loan Forgiveness -8.33 39.33
Article 5: National ReviewMemes: Dark Brandon and the Meme Power of the Right 13.00 31.00
Article 6: The AtlanticWhy Joe Biden Keeps Winning the Internet by Accident -13.67 36.33

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Liz Cheney

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Pelosi Goes to Taiwan

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‘Assault Weapons' Ban

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Two Truths and a Lie

Looking ahead to 2024

Topic of the Week – AdvancedBiasReliability
Article 1: The Atlantic– Is Biden a Man Out of Time?-18.0036.33
Article 2: Daily Mail– Biden getting ‘irritated’ by Democrats who won’t back him to run for reelection in 2024: Report0.6739.33
Article 3: Palmer Report– Enough with these harmful doomsday narratives about 2024-20.6728.67
Article 4: The American Prospect– In the Wake of ‘Dobbs,’ Biden Leans on Familiar Excuses for Inaction-24.0031.00
Article 5: New York Post– Nervous Democrats pray for anyone but Kamala Harris as 2024 nominee15.3337.33
Article 6: National Review– 2024 Election: 71 Percent of Americans Don’t Want Biden to Seek a Second Term6.6745.67

Roe v. Wade Overturned


January 6th Hearings

Depp v. Heard

SCOTUS Springs a Leak

Libs of TikTok

Federal Mask Mandate Ends

RNC Pulls Out of CPD

Ginni & Clarence Thomas

Biden’s State of the Union

Talking Points: Russia, Ukraine, US

Topic of the Week – AdvancedBiasReliability
Article 1: Crooks and Liars– Republicans Using Russian Invasion Of Ukraine To Attack The Gay Community-28.0019.00
Article 2: The Gateway Pundit– BREAKING: Russia Reportedly Offers Ukraine Terms of Surrender1.6720.33
Article 3: The New York Times– Many Russians Feel a Deep Unease Over Going to War0.0044.67
Article 4: Jezebel– The Russia-Ukraine War Already Has Its Own ‘Imagine’ Video0.0029.67
Article 5: Daily Signal– Hawley Calls for US to ‘Shut Down Russia’s Energy Production’18.6731.33

Free Crack Pipes?

Topic of the Week – AdvancedBiasReliability
Article 1: City Journal– San Francisco’s Harm-Reduction Policies a Nightmare7.6733.67
Article 2: Brookings Institution– Fighting fraud, waste, and abuse—COVID-19 pandemic relief expenditures0.0048.67
Article 3: Newport Buzz– Biden administration funds program that would provide free crack pipes15.6723.33
Article 4: Philadelphia Inquirer– “Crack pipe” misinformation uproar could stymie efforts to reduce drug deaths, harm reductionists fear-12.0036.67
Article 5: The Nation– What We Can Learn From Harm Reduction’s Defeats-16.6737.33
Article 6: The Washington Free Beacon– The Weird Ideas and Shoddy Science Behind Free Government Crack Pipes15.3331.33

Eileen Gu

Whoopi Goldberg’s Comments on the Holocaust

Ukraine Objectives

Topic of the Week – AdvancedBiasReliability
Article 1: The Guardian– Putin, a ‘rogue male’ on the rampage, threatens to start a war no one wants | Simon Tisdall-3.0024.00
Article 2: America Magazine– Just war theory and Ukraine: Why military action against Russia is justifiable2.0041.00
Article 3: The American Conservative– Mr. President, Stay Out of Ukraine16.3327.00
Article 4: Associated Press– Austin says Putin now has full range of options in Ukraine0.0047.33
Article 5: The Atlantic– The Battle for the Future of the West-1.6036.40
Article 6: The Washington Free Beacon– Putin Can’t Be Appeased13.0028.67
Article 7: Strategic Culture Foundation– Cracks Open Up in America’s Fragile Leadership Over Ukraine Crisis27.3314.33

Biden’s Press Conference

Chicago Public Schools Reopening


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