Navigating TV News: the August TV Edition of the Media Bias Chart

Navigating TV News: The August TV Edition of the Media Bias Chart

Ad Fontes Media spotlights nine new TV shows on this month’s TV edition



Of the almost 400 TV shows we have rated, we are highlighting 63 shows on August’s static Media Bias Chart®. That’s more than 1,200 episodes!

All of the podcasts, TV shows, and websites we have rated are at your fingertips, equipping you to discern the ideological inclinations of your preferred media sources.

All together we have over 3K sources from multiple platforms including web/print, TV/video, and podcast/audio. Search up to five sources per day for FREE on our Interactive Media Bias Chart and see where your sources land.

As August comes to an end, our spotlight is on the TV/Video Edition, where nine sources are making their debut. 

  • Tom Nicholas: (YouTube)
  • TheGrio: The Grio News with Eboni K. Williams
  • NewsNation: The Hill
  • CBS Los Angeles KCAL News KCBS: KCAL News 6p on CBS Los Angeles
  • The First: The Liz Wheeler Show
  • Kim Iversen: (Rumble)
  • Newsmax: Conversations with Nancy Brinker
  • John Stossel: (YouTube)
  • Asian Boss: (YouTube)

Whether or not you’re familiar with any of these shows, take a look and let us know what you think. We hope you will take a deep dive into the depths of TV programming, from your favorites to the newly rated sources on the chart, and join the conversation about media bias and reliability in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Read more about how Ad Fontes rates the news or review our monthly static charts (subscribers only). Check back next month for more updates on your favorite podcast sources!

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