New York Post Bias and Reliability


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Bias: Skews Right

Reliability: Generally Reliable/Analysis OR Other Issues


Ad Fontes Media rates New York Post in the Skews Right category of bias and as Generally Reliable/Analysis OR Other Issues in terms of reliability. New York Post is a daily newspaper founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton as The New-York Evening Post. It has an average daily circulation of 190,000, and the website records more than 79 million visits each month. Owned by News Corp., the tabloid newspaper is based in New York City.

Overall Score

The following are the overall bias and reliability scores for New York Post according to our Ad Fontes Media ratings methodology.

Reliability: 32.46

Bias: 12.55

Panels of analysts from Ad Fontes Media regularly review representative sample content to rate it for reliability and bias. Each panel of analysts comprises one left-leaning, one right-leaning, and one center-leaning analyst.

The team considers a variety of factors when rating content. To determine its reliability score, we consider the content’s veracity, expression, its title/headline, and graphics. We add each of these scores to the chart on a weighted scale, with the average of those creating the sample content’s overall reliability score.

To determine sample content’s bias score, we consider its language, its political position, and how it compares to other reporting or analysis from other sources on the same topic. We add each of these scores to the chart on a weighted scale, with the average of those creating the content’s overall bias score.

The bias rating, demonstrated on the Media Bias Chart®️ on the horizontal axis, ranges from most extreme left to middle to most extreme right. The reliability rating, demonstrated on the chart’s vertical axis, rates sources on a scale from original fact reporting to analysis, opinion, propaganda and inaccurate/fabricated information.

Reliability scores for articles and shows are on a scale of 0-64. Scores above 40 are generally good; scores below 24 are generally problematic. Scores between 24-40 indicate a range of possibilities, with some sources falling there because they are heavy in opinion and analysis, and some because they have a high variation in reliability between articles.

Bias scores for articles and shows are on a scale of -42 to +42, with higher negative scores being more left, higher positive scores being more right, and scores closer to zero being minimally biased, equally balanced, or exhibiting a centrist bias.

Individual Content Sample Scores

These are the most recent content samples that Ad Fontes Media analysts have rated for this source.

Content Sample URL Bias Reliability
The red wave was real in New York and the GOP can build on it 8.67 33
Lara Trump: Ron DeSantis should wait until 2028 for White House run 6.33 41.33
NBC News pulls report claiming Paul Pelosi didn’t indicate ‘emergency’ to cops 5.67 38.33
Elon Musk is bringing reality to the liberal Fantasyland of Twitter 17 24.67
More lethal strain of COVID created in Boston University lab, researchers say 11 14.33
Inside Dr. Oz’s miracle comeback against John Fetterman in US Senate race 16.33 35.33
Martha’s Vineyard local calls on Obamas to open their $12M home to migrants 13.67 34
How to stop Biden’s trillion-dollar student-loan giveaway 18 29.67
Judge poised to release parts of key Mar-a-Lago raid document 6 44.67
Cheney releases audio of concession call refuting Hageman’s claims 1.33 44.33
Finnish PM Sanna Marin urged to take drug test over leaked party videos 0 43.33
R. Kelly’s former goddaughter testifies he had sex with her ‘hundreds of times’ when she was a minor 0 44.33
Biden ‘concerned’, ‘not worried’ about China, still won’t back Pelosi Taiwan trip 15.33 26.33
Russian prosecutors seek 9 1/2-year sentence for Brittney Griner 0 45.33
Biden’s mild COVID case is proof the pandemic is over, and everyone should stop pretending otherwise 12.33 28.67
Mom of 10-year-old Ohio girl who got abortion defends child’s rapist 14.67 36
Nervous Democrats pray for anyone but Kamala Harris as 2024 nominee 15.33 37.33
Stephen Colbert’s Capitol stunt is yet another example of media hypocrisy 23.33 25.67
WH forced to clarify Biden remarks, says he won’t back handgun sale ban 3 43
Buffalo shooting suspect allegedly wrote Waukesha parade victim’s name on gun 2.33 37.67
Mark Zuckerberg spent $419M on nonprofits ahead of 2020 election — and got out the Dem vote 16 26.67
Protests erupt outside of Supreme Court after Roe v. Wade opinion leak 1.33 43.67
Biden is looking to double his record on letting in illegal migrants 16.25 30.25
CNN+ collapse: Insiders, critics doubted service all along as Brian Stelter ponders if it was ‘success’ 5.33 40
Brooklyn subway terror is a tragic reminder of our leaders’ failures 10.67 35

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