Want to use the The Media Bias Chart® in a class or presentation? Get a licensed copy, without the watermark! Latest Flagship Edition: Media Bias Chart 9.0, released January 2022 The Media Bias Chart 9.0 includes 3 types of sources: websites, podcasts, and TV shows You'll receive a high-resolution, watermark-free, downloadable image of the chart that you can use to reprint or share for personal, educational, or other non-commercial uses. Your purchase gives you perpetual rights to use the current version you download. Please note:
  • Each major flagship version of the Media Bias Chart is made available here for purchase. Additional monthly editions with alternate sources are available via membership. Please check to make sure the version you are purchasing is the one you would like to purchase.
  • To ensure easy access to download, please check the "Create an Account" option at checkout. The links to the files appear at the bottom of the purchase confirmation page, so if you miss that but create an account, you can log in any time to re-download. You'll also receive an e-mail with the downloadable files. If you do not see the email right away, please check your spam folder.
  • If cost is an issue, but you still want to use or share the image, shoot us an e-mail at copyright@adfontesmedia.com, and we'll consider your request for royalty-free use.
  • If you want to use The Media Bias Chart for purposes not covered in this license (e.g., inclusion in textbooks or other materials being resold at a profit), e-mail us at copyright@adfontesmedia.com.
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