News Nerd Annual Subscription

News Nerd Annual Subscription

$99.00 / year


News Nerd Subscription Includes:

  • Premium Interactive Media Bias Chart Access
  • Free Media Bias Chart Printed Poster and Media Bias Chart Mug
  • Exclusive access to members-only content and live events
  • Multiple analyst requests: Submit up to 10 articles or episodes per month to be rated by our team
  • Enhanced customer service support on custom article ratings and inquiries about individual sources
  • All Digital Media Bias Chart Licensed Downloads
  • 35% discount on merchandise
  • A portion of your subscription gets donated to advance media literacy education in schools

More details:

  • With the Premium Interactive Media Bias Chart, you can:
    • Create and download unlimited custom charts
    • Access 600 of our rated sources across Web, Podcast, TV (does not include commercial level access to all of our data)
      • The 600 sources are displayed by default and can be filtered by source type, bias rating, and reliability rating (5x the free edition)
      • Search up to 75 individual sources daily, 200 monthly, 500 annually
  • Every static Media Bias Chart in the gallery at any time, including past editions, present editions, and specialized versions.
  • Media Bias Chart Mug: the most recent version ships immediately upon purchase. We send you a new mug every year upon renewal unless you tell us you don’t want it!
  • Media Bias Chart Printed Poster: the most recent version ships immediately upon purchase. We send you a coupon for a free poster ($24.99 value) of each new major flagship version release (1-2 per year).
  • Discount of 35% off additional mugs, t-shirts, and other hard merchandise.
  • A percentage of your subscription supports the work of the non-profit Media Literacy Now 

Please note: Comscore audience size data is only available as additional add-on for pro editions of the chart.

A monthly News Nerd subscription for $9.90/mo is also available.

The monthly subscription includes everything the annual one does except the physical merchandise (the mug and poster)

Looking for multiple-user access for educational or commercial use? Check out our educational and commercial subscription options.

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