RedState Bias and Reliability Overview

RedState is a conservative blog and website launched in 2004 by three bloggers, Joshua Treviño, Ben Domenech and Mike Krempasky. It is owned by the Salem Media Group, which also owns conservative websites Twitchy, Townhall and PJ Media. Ad Fontes Media rates RedState in the hyper-partisan right category of bias and as somewhat unreliable in terms of reliability.

Overall Score

A team of analysts at Ad Fontes Media regularly reviews articles and news programs to rate them in terms of bias and reliability. A weighted average of these ratings results in the overall score for the media source.

The bias rating, demonstrated on the Media Bias Chart®️ on the horizontal axis, ranges from most extreme left to neutral to most extreme right. The reliability rating, demonstrated on the chart’s vertical axis, rates sources on a scale from original fact reporting to analysis, opinion, propaganda and inaccurate/fabricated information.

The following are RedState’s overall bias and reliability scores according to our Ad Fontes Media ratings methodology.

Reliability: 22.21

Bias: 23.03

Reliability scores for articles and shows are on a scale of 0-64. Scores above 24 are generally acceptable; scores above 32 are generally good.

Bias scores for articles and shows are on a scale of -42 to + 42, with higher negative scores being more left, higher positive scores being more right, and scores closer to zero being the most neutral and/or balanced.

Individual Article Scores

The following articles were reviewed by Ad Fontes Media analysts on the basis of reliability and bias. Each article was reviewed by at least three analysts: one conservative, one liberal and one moderate.

The team considers a variety of factors when rating a news article. To determine its reliability score, we consider the article’s veracity, expression, and its headline and graphics. We add each of these scores to the chart on a sliding scale, with the average of those creating the article’s overall reliability score.

To determine an article’s bias score, we consider its language, its political position and how it compares to other stories from other sources on the same topic. We add each of these scores to the chart on a sliding scale, with the average of those creating the article’s overall bias score.

Article URLBiasReliability
With Hurricane Ida, New Orleans and Louisiana Seem to Have Learned Nothing in 16 Years13.6729.67
Bad Signs at the US Embassy in Kabul That Show They're in Deep Trouble19.6718.67
With Biden's 'Doses to Doors' Vaccine Push and Intrusive Text Messages, We Have Officially Entered "The Twilight Zone"2318.6
The Press Are Melting Down Over Their Treatment at the Biden-Putin Summit20.6723
Biden Just Made a Huge Mistake With Putin and Handlers Race to Clean up the Mess Again1826
Results of Georgia Special Elections Have Democrats on Edge15.3327.67
Tucker Carlson Raises a Very Serious Alarm Bell About Ashli Babbitt's Murder and the Enemy Within21.6722
Joe Biden's Most Terrifying Move Is One No One Is Talking About21.3323.33
Outrage Erupts at Google After a Transgender Employee Is Forced to Wear a Badge Sporting Their 'Dead Name'13.6733.33
Lisa Murkowski Gets Served a Great, Big Helping of 'Unity' From Joe Biden22.3326.33
Kamala Harris Lets the World Know She Is Not Responsible for Managing the Border Crisis No Matter What Joe Biden Says22.3321.33
BREAKING: Wuhan Lab Funder Daszak Emailed Fauci, Thanking Him for Dismissing Lab Leak Theory17.6727.67
Texas "Heartbeat Bill" Is Another Brick to Strengthen the Wall for Pre-born Life13.6731
For a Country Without Gas Shortages, There Certainly Are a Lot of Gas Shortages16.6721
Pro-GOP Group's New Ads Target Vulnerable Democrats Following Passage of 'Pelosi Payoff' Bill, It's GAME ON2719.67
Given U.S. Unemployment Situation, $15 Federal Minimum Wage Is Foolish10.3335
Hollywood Plans a Five-Day, Sham 'Unity' Event for Biden-Harris Inauguration, and It Starts Saturday2233.2
The Left Is Now Targeting Clarence Thomas for Destruction18.3326.67
The Left Is Radicalizing the Right More Than Anyone Else1833.67
WATCH: Protesters Breach the Capitol Building, Make It Into Senate Chamber and Nancy Pelosi's Office2712
BREAKING: DC Legal Circles Rumor Says Member of Mueller’s Prosecution Team Has “Flipped” for Durham15.3328.33
Pigs Are Flying: CNN Actually Commits Journalism, Busts Andrew Cuomo for Lying About the Virus14.6744.33
Do All Black Lives Matter? Snoop Smears 9 Black Conservatives in ‘The Coon Bunch’ Post2828
Add San Francisco to the List of Ultra-Left Wing Cities Experiencing a Wave of Police Departures24.6720.67
Police Chief Drops Two Felonies on Powerful Dem Politician, Other Influential Individuals Over Effort to Rip Down Statue23.6721.33