Sightly Teams with Ad Fontes Media to Increase Brands’ Comfort Factor, Protect Them from Media ‘Blind Spots’



Sightly, a leading marketing tech and services company recognized for its groundbreaking Brand Mentality™ platform, and Ad Fontes Media, the leader in media bias intelligence and creator of the Media Bias Chart, today announced a strategic partnership.

Dealing with rampant misinformation and ensuring responsible media practices are some of the biggest challenges that brands face today. The Sightly/Ad Fontes Media partnership brings to market the power to assess, decide and activate the foundational requirements of “brand safety and suitability” around news, opinion and similar content with speed and at scale.

“Both our companies feel that brands deserve to know what they are buying so they can make decisions in real-time about where their messages and media dollars are running in today’s fast-changing environment,” said Adam Katz, Sightly Chief Revenue Officer and GM.

“There’s so much noise in the media landscape now that legacy tools can’t keep up,” added Vanessa Otero, CEO and Founder of Ad Fontes. “The mission we’re on together is to help brands know what they’re walking into so they can determine how to respond.”

Sightly’s proprietary technology gives brands a mega advantage over competitors—the intelligence to instantly respond in a consistent, authentic way to the constant, rapid changes in today’s world. Its Brand Mentality platform fuses each brand’s unique DNA with state-of-the-art AI and NLP algorithms to identify specific signals from the constant flood of data and recommend real-time actions that avoid threats or seize marketing opportunities.

Ad Fontes Media delivers unmatched responsible media intelligence by rating news content for reliability and bias using a rigorous, non-partisan methodology. The company provides social media giants, media buyers and others with access to comprehensive news source rating data through its powerful Ad Apex™ solution suite.

Prior to the last US election, a study published by CHEQ and the University of Baltimore revealed that fake news was costing the global economy $78 billion each year. Other studies reveal that trust and values heavily influence consumer purchase behavior. According to Edelman, three out of five consumers now buy from brands based on trust and two-thirds of consumers worldwide now buy on beliefs.

Together, Sightly and Ad Fontes turn these challenges into opportunities: Ad Fontes identifies misinformation that is typically difficult to access, trust and hard to act on. Sightly gives brands the ability to define what they believe and amplifies its own signals with Ad Fontes data across multiple digital platforms, making them more safe and suitable.

Ad Fontes Media enhances Sightly’s Brand Mentality platform by:

  • Finding online misinformation affecting brands that other solutions miss and feeding the platform’s Anticipation Software™ that filters massive social, cultural and traditional data streams,
  • Contributing scenarios about fake news, political bias, etc. for the Brand Mentality profile instrument that defines each brand’s unique DNA,
  • Boosting reach of the platform’s rapid inclusion/exclusion List Builder solution across more media sources, including programmatic Web, publisher direct properties, podcasts, CTV, etc., and
  • Strengthening media activations by bringing considerably increased protection to WFA’s GARM framework for brand safety and suitability that is built into Brand Mentality.

Through this integration and amplification, brands, agencies and ad technology companies can be confident that when they use Brand Mentality to make real-time, rapid-fire marketing decisions in response to social moments, news, trends, etc., their messages won’t accidentally end up somewhere contrary to their brand’s values, such as on polarizing or misleading articles or YouTube videos. Better yet, they can use this intelligence to confidently lean into news coverage and content that actively aligns with their mentality.

About Sightly
Sightly is a marketing tech and services company that gives brands a major competitive edge through its groundbreaking Brand Mentality™ platform, which integrates each brand’s unique DNA with state of the art AI and NLP algorithms to identify specific signals from the rapidly changing events in today’s world—and respond instantly to avoid threats or seize market opportunities.

Brands can use self-service to respond to these signals, or Sightly’s managed service, which activates at scale across massive video and social UGC platforms, programmatic and publisher direct content. Brand Mentality also generates powerful targeted macro-cultural trend intelligence that creates a strategic advantage for any department inside a business. Learn more and request a demo at

About Ad Fontes Media
Ad Fontes Media is the media bias intelligence leader and producer of The Media Bias Chart® which rates media sources in terms of political bias and reliability. The company was founded by patent attorney Vanessa Otero with the goal of combating political polarization. In 2021, Ad Fontes Media launched its flagship Ad Apex™ solutions suite, a family of integrated media bias intelligence solutions. Ad Apex™ allows Ad Fontes Media’s app, brand, media and media technology partners to leverage its comprehensive news source ratings so they can realtime engage them in media planning, in support of their brand purpose and values.

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