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In a biased and misleading news landscape, it’s essential to know where your information is coming from. That’s why we founded Ad Fontes Media: to help you navigate and know your news sources — in one place.
Our analysts come from a wide political spectrum and follow a careful, robust methodology to rate the news. Whether you’re a business, individual consumer, educator, or running a social media platform, you can use Ad Fontes Media to make better decisions.

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Members of our community, whom we affectionately call “News Nerds,” play a critical role in supporting our work and making sure it has an impact in the world. When you become an annual News Nerd member for $99, you get a merchandise pack with a Media Bias Chart wall poster and a coffee mug, in addition to several other benefits, including:
-Premium access to our Interactive Media Bias Chart
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Differentiate news sources to make the best decisions

Ad Fontes Media helps businesses, consumers, educators, and platforms navigate today’s complex and dynamic news landscape. We provide data, tools, and educational resources for all stakeholders in quality news media.

Brands, Agencies, and Platforms

Improve and maintain your brand safety and customer trust by making smart news choices.

News Consumers

Consume with a critical eye. Never share a link to a questionable source with anyone.

Educators, Researchers, and Institutions

Show your students the complex media landscape in one simple chart. Enhance your media literacy curriculums.


Know who’s who in the media landscape today. Protect your reputation tomorrow.

We Rate the News for Reliability and Bias to Help You Keep Track of the Media Landscape

Find the best information sources. Invest in responsible journalism. Make the news media industry healthier in the long run.

Where do Your Favorite Sources Fall?

With Ad Fontes Media, you can see the reliability and bias of new sources.