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  • Unlimited Database Access for Librarians, Faculty, and Students
  • All our rated sources across Web, Podcast, TV
  • Curate Charts and Lists Quickly by Bias *and* Reliability
  • Easily Download Custom Chart Images and CSV Data Lists
  • NEW: Includes IP-based authentication for your campus!

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IMBC Edu Pro, the Interactive Media Bias Chart Pro Educator Edition, is an advanced news source curation resource for educational institutions. It contains dynamic reliability and bias data on over 1200 news and “news-like” sources (and growing). Ratings are established by professional media analysts, with diverse political perspectives, using our proven methodology – a methodology that can also be taught using our interactive content analysis education product.

IMBC Pro provides unlimited sorting and searching access to our full set of ratings data on news and “news-like” websites, podcasts, and TV shows.

It also includes the ability to sort by parameters you set for both reliability and bias, and to download source charts and lists for educational use. For example, you can very quickly create lists of sources that are, for example, “recommended for research or assignments,” “not for use in academic research,” or for  “conditional” or “comparative research only,” etc.

A database of over 1200 news sources… and growing!

IMBC Edu Pro is specially priced and licensed exclusively for educational use by public or non-profit accredited K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.

Annual Pricing (12 months), by School Size (Total Enrollment)

1-499 students: $490 per year

500-999 students: $590 per year

1000-1999 students: $690 per year

2000-2999 students: $790 per year

3000-3999 students: $$890 per year

4000+ students: Please inquire

**Note that this product is licensed solely for educational use by public or non-profit K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.**

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