Ad Fontes Media Debuts 12 Sources on its Monthly Static Web Chart

Ad Fontes Media Debuts 12 Sources on its Monthly Static Web Chart

Navigating media bias on the Web: A look at the November edition of the Media Bias Chart



Ad Fontes Media’s monthly static charts provide a snapshot of media bias and reliability ratings for a selection of sources. Today we are highlighting the Web edition of our monthly static charts.

Analysts have rated 2.3K Web sources, and today we are featuring 145 of them on November’s static Media Bias Chart®. Accommodating all 2.3K sources on a single static chart is impractical, given the substantial volume — equivalent to over 62K rated articles! 

The good news is that if you wish to delve into the extensive data set of 62K articles, you can explore them using the Interactive Media Bias Chart on our website as well as our Media Bias Chart app, available for iPhone and Android. All together we have rated over 3.4K sources from multiple platforms including web/print, TV/video and podcast/audio. Become an annual subscriber today to have limited access to our data set, and search more sources than ever before! 

In this month’s Web edition, 12 sources make their debut:

Whether or not you’re already acquainted with the sites we’re highlighting this month, we encourage you to explore them and share your thoughts. Explore the diverse world of online news, from your bookmarked favorites to any newly discovered entries on the chart. Engage in conversations with others who have diverse points of view in our constantly evolving media landscape to better understand and develop a healthy news diet.

Read more about how Ad Fontes rates the news or review our monthly static charts (subscribers only). And check back next month for more updates on your favorite Web sources!

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Color photo of Erin Fox-RamirezErin Fox-Ramirez is director of Ratings and Research for Ad Fontes Media, a PhD student in Psychology researching media and conspiracies. She has a MA in Media Psychology from Fielding Graduate University and a BS from Pennsylvania State University. Her previous work includes the DoD, the USPTO, and the RAND Corporation. A native to the Washington D.C. area, she is passionate about improving the news for all and believes strongly in the mission of Ad Fontes. She is a proud aunt, pet parent, and spends her spare time hiking, reading or kayaking in the low country.

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